Program description

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ESOP (European Structural Orientation Program for migrants) is a project founded in 2016 by the Intercultural Association Universo with the objective of preparing its participants for an active citizenship and a self- determined future in Europa.

The program enables young migrants to actively shape their lives instead of being kept in a passive role. You can only make conscious decisions and then put them into practice if you have the necessary knowledge and tools to do so. Thus, for an integrated empowerment, the ESOP program contents consist of Italian and German language classes, units on relevant European immigration law, qualification for a labour market integration and orientation on the basic aspects of conviviality. Furthermore, cultural activities and intercultural exchange activities bringing together migrants and autochthonous society will promote individual development and mutual understanding through active participation. With that, we react to the fact that integration is only possible if both sides are prepared and trained for it. Integration is not a one-way-street but can only be achieved with the active commitment and willingness of all.

ESOP is going to be realised by a motivated international group of Italian and German interns that will build up a so far non- existing transnational Italian- German network.

This binational approach was chosen as a reaction to many migrants’ life realities of an ongoing inner- European migration, in many cases from Italy to Germany. We use the so far little exploited but very promising channel of legal migration to Germany for educational purposes- a legal stay from the very beginning on and all possibilities of participation come along. A later integration in the labour market and with that the construction of a stable and autonomous existence will follow.

With ESOP we want to show that a different and truly European approach to migration is possible- empowering young migrants for a self- determined and autonomous live in the European Union and enhancing exchange with a local population, that is willing to integrate, lays the ground for a successful living together.