ESOP is an orientation program providing refugees in the Italian territory with the necessary information and support to manage their everyday life in Europe autonomously by offering them a concrete empowerment from the very beginning on. Besides legal training, IT courses, linguistic and civic education, one of the main units of the program consists in a professional training, which helps the participants to access and orientate autonomously on the European labour market in order to be prepared for individual job hunting.

The project works not only on a national level, but follows a European approach based on the principles of solidarity and freedom of mobility. With ESOP, a new tool of inner-European migration for third country nationals, the visa procedure for educational and professional reasons, shall be made tangible and with that an alternative to another asylum procedure or a life in irregularity in another European country proposed.

Are you looking for skilled and motivated manpower and/ or apprentices and are convinced of ESOP’s concept? Then feel free to contact us so that we can talk more in detail about a possible collaboration!