Let us collaborate

We want to build up a European network which informs and accompanies migrants on movement and EU welcoming societies. The Italian – German route is one of the most important for refugees and asylum seekers reaching Europe through the Mediterranean Sea in Italy. Despite the evidence, so far, no transnational network exists, which reacts to this migration reality and could ensure an ongoing accompaniment of this very vulnerable group.

At the same time, such a network can serve to discuss new integration strategies and new tools to not only prepare the migrant population but as well the welcoming society for the living together- the need for innovative answers is high!

For that, we want to bring together different organizations who share our approach to an enriching living together, to the necessity of a mutual learning process and to real empowerment of migrants.


In Germany we are looking for partners both active in the area of social integration and of labour market integration.
To have a stronger network on the ground in Bologna, too, we want to build up more collaborations with other local associations to enhance exchange, pool synergies and realize common actions.

Thanks to our network, powerful common actions, mutual support and exchange of information beyond national borders will be possible!