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Program units

The Italian language is the first mode of interaction with the new country; German as a second language is a key to interact autonomously in an European context.
Six legal trainings each followed by a follow- up session will provide an introduction into the relevant national and European legal framework. Purpose of these units is to sensitize the beneficiaries for the new legal context they are now living in and the related rights and duties. A focus will be put on the legal norms that determine the possibilities of inner- European migration (Dublin Regulation, Schengen norms etc.). These units shall provide the young migrants with crucial knowledge about their possibilities to reduces the risk of manipulation and to make possible decisions based on neutral facts.
The speed of technological development requires a minimum of computer knowledge from citizens, even just to make a phone call. The networks in the area, shopping, booking a medical examination etc. - everything is digitized. Approaching the digital world needs adequate support especially for those who’ve never had the opportunity to have electricity at home.
Living together in a mutual respect begins with the awareness of the presence of the others. Being able to share a bus, an apartment, do the shopping together, do volunteer work, look for work, pay a bill, pay taxes etc ... we all need to know the socio-cultural codes of interaction, especially when we’ve just arrived.
Assistance and support for the preparation of the European CV for the job search online, how to write a motivation letter, simulation of job interviews, how and where to look for work support in finding a job in Italy or Germany.
City tours and short excursions to the surroundings will be offered to the participants to make them familiar with the new environment they are living in and to help them to develop an understanding of the Italian culture and way of life. At the same time, important institutions for the life as an active citizen will be introduced to them. [add: city tours type II]