ESOP is a one year program implemented by a multinational group of interns from Italy and Germany with new groups of participants starting every six months in Italy to prepare, guide and orientate unaccompanied migrant minors in their hosting environment. ESOP’s main program contents are Italian and German language classes, units on relevant European immigration law, qualification for a labour market integration and orientation on the basic aspects of conviviality in the scope to prepare this target group for a positive and autonomous life in Europe.
The main focus is on the migrants and their actual needs which shall be defined by themselves instead of being imposed from the outside.

Unaccompanied migrant minors are both in a particularly vulnerable position and have at the same time a great potential for our societies. To assist them in building up a new life with long-term perspectives in stable conditions, ongoing assistance and empowerment are likewise requested. By taking into consideration the life reality of many unaccompanied migrants arriving in Italy that consists in an ongoing migration to Northern EU member states, a binational approach was chosen by preparing and realizing a future or in Italy or in Germany. For those wishing to migrate to Germany, ESOP will use the existing legal migration channels for educational purposes via the regular visa procedure as a real alternative to a further asylum procedure or a life in irregularity that exposes particularly young migrants to considerable risks. The integration in a multinational support network ensuring ongoing accompaniment and in the best case the successful completion of a professional training will make possible positive migration biographies in protected spaces. Similar support networks will be built up for those staying in Italy.

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