Is ESOP something for you?

● You arrived in Italy just recently and are looking for orientation and information to be able to build up a new life in Europe?
● You want to learn Italian to be able to interact in the host country and to get to know better Bologna?
● You need support in job-hunting and are looking for first steps, such as an internship, to enter the labour market?
● You are motivated to become part of a project to which you can contribute actively with your own ideas and knowledge?
● You would like to get to know other European countries or move there and learn a second European language like German?
If your answer to these questions is “yes”, ESOP might be exactly the right program for you!
● In a team of European interns and migrant participants, based on mutual learning and appreciation, we want to work together with you on solutions not only within but as well beyond national borders!
● You will be informed on the different tools to migrate to other EU countries.
● Through your participation in ESOP, you will get the possibility to study either Italian or German and will acquire an important knowledge on the European society, the legal framework and how to find a job or apprenticeship in Italy or elsewhere.
● As a team, we will organize intercultural events to bring together locals and newly arrived and will get to know Bologna and its surroundings better.
After successful completion of the program you will receive both an attestation on your participation in ESOP and a language certificate.
Check the requirements as follows:
● in the following 6 months (September-March) you have the capacities and motivation to participate in ESOP’s daily activities
● you will most probably have stable living conditions during the participation in ESOP
● you have good writing and reading abilities
● you have a good level of either Italian, English or French
● if you want to apply for German classes, you need to have a basic level of Italian (A1)
Already before the start of the program, you will decide whether to apply for Italian OR for German classes.
Structure of the course:
The duration of the program is 6 months from September 18th 2017- March 16th.
Program schedule:
Daily activities: morning session from 9.30 to 12.15, afternoon session from 14.30 to 16.00 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
Wednesdays are reserved for (inter-)cultural activities such as city tours or training courses.